Month: March 2018

PlanterSpeakers Packs Outdoor Speakers into Funky Planter Box

Typically, outdoor speakers stick out like a sore thumb. While some: consider it to be a: high-tech badge of honor, others: prefer to have audio blend seamlessly into the backyard or other outdoor areas. And no: matter what color you paint: outdoor speakers, those: boxy units hanging off the side of your house, on the patio and by the pool: aren’t fooling anyone. Well, PlanterSpeakers […]

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Never Sacrifice Sound

Artcoustic design ground breaking, innovative, world-class loudspeakers, constantly pushing the limits of convention and the status quo. Going back to the roots of traditional Danish loudspeaker design, Artcoustic are the first to transform the conventional loudspeaker with a modern look. Artcoustic produce a loudspeaker range that performs amongst the highest in their class, often exceeding expectations, […]

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